Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Annual Amber Dawn of the Dead Halloween party

I wanted to share some of the pictures from my annual Halloween party. This was the first Halloween in my new place and the biggest party I have ever done. It was a large undertaking in which I decorated every room in the house as well as the backyard. It was a lot of hard work but so worth it. I have an incredible group of family and friends who helped with the set up. Fun times had by all!




A group of us went as Zombie Disney characters! It was a big hit at the party! I was Zombie Ariel and my boyfriend was as super creepy Zombie Pinocchio. Some of my friends were Zombie Cinderella, Zombie Aladdin & Jasmine and Zombie Incredibles. So much fun!

The awesome costume contest winners, proudly displaying their trophies!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Happy Haunting!

Friday, January 4, 2013

300 Days!

300 Days Until Halloween!

I'm so excited to start working on some projects for this year. I have some new ideas for some new scenes/rooms for my annual Halloween party. I will have some new tutorials posted soon!

Are you starting on any projects yet?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zombie Nursery

A new theme room I had for 2012 was the Zombie Nursery. I was given these hideously adorable Zombie Babies as a birthday present from my dad. Not a normal gift from a father to his daughter but a perfect gift for me! I love my Zombie Babies!!

My dad had them shipped to my office...which naturally some of my coworkers a little freaked out! Ha!
Buckle up for safety! This was the drive home...I had some fellow drivers giving me some confused looks!

I created my own Zombie baby by painting a baby doll I found at a thrift store for $2.00!
I also found a rocking horse at the thrift store for $5.00 and painted it dark with blood red eyes, mouth and ears.
I found a basic playpen at a garage sale and ripped it up and painted it with bloody hand prints.
My babies look right at home in the painted playpen!
Rats make the perfect nursery pet.
It's feeding time!! Hungry Howie chows down on his favorite snack...braaaaaains!

Zombie babies need Zombie toys! I took some perfectly innocent looking teddy bears, dolls and toys and Zombified them by painting and shredding!
Zombie rubber duckies

Bloody alphabet blocks

You can easily create your own haunted nursery scene with old baby toys or items found at garage sales, thift stores or even the dollar store! I can't wait to create more toys and props for my nursery this year! Happy Haunting!

You can adopt your own Zombie Babies here - Spirit Halloween - Zombie Babies

Holiday Season Hangover

Well... I'm finally out from under my holiday rock. There has been so much going on these past few months and I was pretty much consumed by this holiday season! So many great parties, gifts, decorations and fun with crazy friends and family. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but after unwinding from the chaos and watching, The Nightmare Before Christmas... I feel re-energized!

Stay tuned for pictures from my first, Amber Dawn of the Dead Halloween party!

In the meantime, I had to share these cute Christmas photos. Here's my sweet, very patient, Pit Bull - Cali.

Here are my roommate, Ashley's adorable dogs Holly and Cooper. It took a lot of bribing with a lot of treats from us to get these hilariously cute pictures.

Photo credits to my talented sister, Lauren.

Happy Holidays and Happy 2013! I'm looking forward to a new year of haunting!