Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Cocktails

Check out these clever garnishes that turn these simple cocktails into 9 spooktacular concoctions! These are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! 

I think the "Pina Ghouladas" are my favorite with the speared eyeballs using lychees and blueberries! 

Click here for all the spooky recipes:
HWTM: 9 Ultra-Creative Halloween Cocktails

Nightmare Before Christmas games

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and saw these fun Nightmare Before Christmas games! I've told you guys before...I'm a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan! I think I may have to get some of these games for my Halloween party!

Yahtzee - I love the Jack head dice-cup!

 Jenga - It comes in a coffin box!

 Operation - Remove spiders, bats and snakes from Oogie Boogie!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Haunted Nursery Rhymes

I have always found nursery rhymes to be a little creepy. Some have of the rhymes even have some pretty dark lyrics. 

I was looking for some creepy nursery music to be used for my Zombie Nursery display for my Halloween party. I came upon "In A World's - Haunted Nursery Rhymes". It's delightfully eerie with children chanting the familiar childhood rhymes with ominous music and laughter. 

I can only seem to find it available in MP3 format, but it's definitely worth a download if you are looking for some haunting nursery music for your Halloween party or display!

You can purchase the download on Amazon here -  Haunted Nursery Rhymes
Or you can also listen to it on Spotify

Brain Hemorrhage Shot Recipe

Mmmmm...braaaaaaains! Here's a disgusting looking, but delicious tasting shot for all you zombies out there.

1 oz. peach schnapps
1 tsp.
Bailey's® Irish cream
2 drops
grenadine syrup

Pour the peach schnapps into a shot glass. Slowly add the Bailey's, top with the grenadine, and serve.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Skeleton Wreath

Add some spooky glamor to your front door with this skeleton wreath, using items found at Dollar Tree! This wreath is made using a handful of the larger plastic skeletons but you could also make a smaller version using the garland-style skeletons!

Find the tutorial here - Skeleton Wreath

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flaming Bag of Poo

It's a gross but fun game based on the classic Halloween prank. All you have to do is stomp out the flaming bag of poo! Send it to your friends for some Halloween fun!

Click here to play - Flaming Bag of Poo!