Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vampire Bat Baby

The thrift store is one of my favorite places to shop for elements for my Halloween haunt. I love the challenge of digging through old items and seeing their creepy potential! 
I found this strange looking doll...I'm thinking it's supposed to be an "Anne Geddes" type doll with a baby in some sort of fuzzy butterfly costume. It was pretty creepy to begin with but the butterfly wings gave me the idea of bat wings!
I started the transformation by lightly painting the fur with acrylic paints. I painted the body black and the head red. I liked fact that the fur color still slightly showed through the paint.
Next I sketched out some bat wings on posterboard paper. The posterboard will act as a template as well as acting as a firm base for the wings.
 I cut the right wing out, flipped it over and traced it to create the left wing.


Next, I used the posterboard wings to trace 2 sets of the felt wings. I hot glued the felt wings to both the front and back of the posterboard wings. Then, I used acrylic paint to create the bones of the wings.

I cut the existing butterfly wings off the doll and hot glued the new bat wings on.

I painted the face white and rimmed the eyes and lips with red paint.
 The end result is a creepy, cute Vampire Bat Baby! He will be a perfect addition to my evil nursery display!

Happy Haunting!

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