Friday, October 12, 2012

Haunted Nursery Rhymes

I have always found nursery rhymes to be a little creepy. Some have of the rhymes even have some pretty dark lyrics. 

I was looking for some creepy nursery music to be used for my Zombie Nursery display for my Halloween party. I came upon "In A World's - Haunted Nursery Rhymes". It's delightfully eerie with children chanting the familiar childhood rhymes with ominous music and laughter. 

I can only seem to find it available in MP3 format, but it's definitely worth a download if you are looking for some haunting nursery music for your Halloween party or display!

You can purchase the download on Amazon here -  Haunted Nursery Rhymes
Or you can also listen to it on Spotify


  1. Ohhh...I want to see photos now!

  2. This is truly creepy. I love it! Rock a bye baby reminds me of the music from Twin Peaks.

  3. I need this! I loove nursery rhymes, especially when they are sinister.